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International trademark registration

Международная регистрация товарного знакаThere are several ways to register your trademark abroad:


  • filing the separate trademark applications in each country. As the correspondence with the foreign Office may be carried out only with the foreign patent attorney involved, such way of trademark registration is quite expensive;

  • filing the application for the international trademark registration within the framework of the Madrid System. This way is more beneficial for the Client as only one international application is filed and the price of registration can be calculated beforehand.


The application for the international trademark registration within the framework of the Madrid System is filed either on the basis of the national application filed, or on the basis of the trademark already registered.

The convenience of filing the application within the framework of the Madrid System is based on the fact that single international application is to be drawn up.

The international duty in Swiss francs is paid for filing the international application. Such duty consists of: basic duty, depending on the colour scheme of the trademark, to which the fixed sum for the number of countries and classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services applied, as well as the individual duties set forth by the countries which are members of the Madrid Protocol only.

Single international application is filed to the to the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (IB WIPO). Upon the application receipt the IB WIPO assigns it the international registration number, sends the Certificate and sends application to the national offices, which in their turn perform the examination within 1-1,5 years. In case no inquiries from the national offices were received, the application is deemed registered upon expiration of the 1-1.5 years term.


Our patent attorneys will be happy to assist you in registering the international application and answer all your questions.


The price of filing the international trademark registration application is:



International trademark registration from 300 USD


Name of the services/woks Services fees (roubles) Federal Institute for Industrial Property duties (roubles)
Drawing up and filing the international application under the European and Madrid Systems    
additional fee for the device, three-dimensional or combined trademark 3,000  
nternational application procedure maintaining 5,000  
forms MM1, MM2, MM3, MM18, forms of the European System 20,000 starting from under RUB 4,900 + 400 per each class above one + sum of the international duties (in Swiss francs), depending on number of countries stated in the application
nteracting the foreign patent attorneys (PA) in case the inquiry or preliminary refusal are issued by the foreign Patent Office in the course of the Madrid System registration 3,000 per hour the sum of the fees and duties depends on the specific country (countries) appiied in + foreign PA service fees