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Patent prosecution

ПатентованиеYou see things;

and you say “Why?”

But I dream things that never were;

and I say “Why not?”


George Bernard Shaw


A patent is a right granted by law describing an invention that did not exist prior to conception by the inventor. It gives the inventor a limited monopoly right to exclude others from making, using, importing, selling, offering to sell or importing the claimed invention. A patent may be granted for inventions that are new, useful and nonobvious.


There are many types of patents, each with its own advantages and usefulness. A patent may be utility, design, plant, foreign or domestic. Patent Practise is dedicated to helping inventors determine what type of patent is appropriate for their invention and circumstance, and it is experienced in all types.


Lack of effective protection of the Intellectual Property may lead to loss of profits caused by violation of your rights.

Effective Intellectual Property protection strategy includes:


  • Patent researches performance

  • Assessing and choosing the optimal technical solution subject to protection

  • Registration such solution with the national Office

  • Entering the national phase in other countries (if practicable)

  • Commercialisation


The patent researches in our company are performed by the technical specialists with the working experience in the state of art ordered for research.

All other stages of work are performed by the patent attorneys being the specialists in the area of the patent law, who provide the attorney services before Russian Office, the Federal Institute for Industrial Property (FIIP) on a professional basis.