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Международная регистрация патентаIt should be noted that nowadays the invention may be protected abroad within the frameworks of different agreements and, therefore, it is important to choose the patenting procedure that is optimal from the perspective from the point of commercial interests of the future patent holders.

Depending on the territory within which the said protection is required, Russian applicants may use the following procedures available:

  • Traditional procedure, that provides for filing the application into the national patent office, servicing the territory, for which the applicant is seeking the title of protection. In such a case the applicants enjoys the rights, granted to him under the Paris convention. Such procedure pays off in cases when the applicants are interested in obtaining the protection for their inventions quickly within the territory of the countries whose number usually does not exceed three or four, and in which the applicant has specified the perspective of the inventions patented realization.


  • International procedure which pays off in case the applicant is interested in his invention protection within the territories of biggest possible number of countries, including the countries, which do not participate in any regional convention or treaty. In such a case it is reasonable to use the advantages granted by the international treaties. International treaties in the field of the inventions protection include the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).


However, disregarding which procedure of the foreign patenting is chosen, any of them requires the knowledge of the national patent legislation specifics in the countries of patenting, as well as knowledge of the international treaties, regulating the procedure of patenting abroad within their framework.

In case you are seeking the patent protection in biggest possible amount of states, it is advisable to file the international application under the provisions of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

This service includes:

- drawing up the application;

- filing the international application to the Receiving office, maintaining procedure;

- application translation;

- entering the national phase, which includes the cooperation with the patent attorneys in the country of patent protection, maintaining the application or patent;


The price for filing the patent application in Russia or EAPO countries



Patents from 300 USD