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Регистрация товарного знакаA trademark provides an indication of the source or origin of goods or services and distinguishes the goods or services from those of others. The proper use of trademarks is a major factor in "branding" or establishing a "brand name." Trademark laws serve two major purposes: to protect the public by reducing or eliminating confusion between goods or services, enabling consumers to obtain the products they know and want, and to protect the owner's investment of time, energy and money by preventing misappropriation of that investment.


One of the most popular service is the trademark registration as the trademark sets company apart from the competitors.


The title to the trademark emerges from the moment of its state registration and remains in force for the duration of 10 years. The trademark's effect can be prolonged for another 10 years under the trademark holder's application. Under the condition of the timely prolongation the trademark may never expire, which ensures the trademark holder awareness and protection for unlimited period of time.


The process of trademark registration consists of several stages:


  • patent search for the purpose of establishing the possibility to register the marking as the trademark;

  • objective assessment of the trademark registration possibility;

  • drawing up and filing the trademark application;

  • maintaining procedure regarding the application filed from the moment of filing till the trademark certificate receipt.


Unfortunately many companies prefer using their logo without registering it as a trademark, thus making its protection much more difficult.


Our specialists will assist you in registering your logo as a trademark in Russia and CIS countries and sort out any issues arising in the couse of such registration.



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